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Wiki coding and language help

Need help figuring out basic wiki code, how to add content, and other basic issues of working with a wiki? Try these help pages:

Administrative issues about the wiki

Article and Category Help

  • Articles: General style notes on writing articles for PoliceWiki is explained at Help:Articles, as well as our policies on articles about individuals.
  • Article titles: The proper naming of articles in PoliceWiki is explained at Help:Naming articles‎.
  • Categories: The use and creation of categories is explained at Help:Categories.
  • Citations: Information on properly citing sources, and noting un-cited or improperly cited text is provided at Help:Citations.
  • Disambiguation: How to deal with articles that would share the same name is explained at Help:Disambiguation.
  • Events: The naming, writing and disambiguation of event articles is explained at Help:Events.
  • Stubs: An explanation of Stubs -- and also Under construction pages -- is provided in the article Help:Stubs.
  • Templates: Templates suggested for use in creating new pages - or adding content to pages only marked as Stubs - can be found at Help:Templates.

Images and other Media Help