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The following templates are provided to make creating new pages easier. To use a template, click on the appropriate template link, choose View source from the top menu of the page, and copy the contents of the source code into the new page you are attempting to create (or replace the placeholder statement).

Templates, while recommended, may be modified to best suit the particular article you are creating, therefore headers and other fields which do not apply can be deleted, and other more appropriate content added. If you have a suggestion for modifying a particular template, please leave a comment on that template's discussion page.

If you are adding a page to the wiki and no appropriate template exists, simply follow the general style of the existing templates as best suits the page you are adding.

Available templates

Page templates

Use these templates to fill in pages about the following subjects. When using, make sure to delete

[[Category:Article template]]

from the end of the template and place the article in the proper category or categories instead.

Template Used for... Example usage
Template:Album pages about recorded albums Ghost In The Machine
Template:Band/Ensemble/Orchestra pages about bands, orchestras, and ensembles Animal Logic
Template:Bibliography for bibliography articles on particular people or subjects
Template:Book pages about books The Police: 1978--1983
Template:Composition pages about compositions (opera, ballet, etc.) Celeste
Template:Discography (artist) discography pages for artists who have been in multiple bands & recorded solo Discography (Andy Summers)
Template:Discography (single band) discography pages for single bands Discography (Animal Logic)
Template:Event pages about events other than concerts 2005-05-03
Template:Fan club pages about fan clubs Outlandos
Template:Fan pages about fans Sockii
Template:Fansite pages about internet fansites Too Kool To Kalypso (fansite)
Template:Fanzine pages about fanzines The Police Official File
Template:Film (appearance) pages about films featuring appearances by Police bandmembers Brimstone & Treacle
Template:Film (score) pages about films featuring scoring work by Police bandmembers
Template:Filmography filmography pages for artists/bands Filmography (Stewart Copeland)
Template:Gear pages about musical gear and equipment
Template:Generic article a generic template for pages that don't fit specific ones
Template:Magazine pages about magazines articles on Police/etc. 2007-06 Rolling Stone
Template:Memorabilia pages about memorabilia and merchandise Jackets (The Police)
Template:Organization pages about organizations, such as record labels
Template:Performance for pages about tour dates 2007-07-29
Template:Performance (double) pages about events where two performances occurred on the same night
Template:Photography for pages about photography
Template:Place for pages about places
Template:Person pages about people Andy Summers
Template:Recording studio pages about recording studios
Template:Song pages about songs Walking on the Moon (song)
Template:Stub for creating stub pages Curved Air
Template:Television (appearance) pages about television series a Police bandmember appeared on
Template:Television (score) pages about television series a Police bandmember scored Dead Like Me
Template:Timeline by calendar year for yearly calendar pages 1980
Template:Tour overview for summary pages about different tours 2007-2008 Reunion Tour
Template:Tribute band for summary pages about tribute bands The Police Chiefs
Template:Venue for pages about performance venues Citizens Bank Park
Template:Video (long-form) for pages about video & DVD releases Sting: The Videos Part 1
Template:Video (short-form) for pages about music videos Walking on the Moon (video)

Images and other media information templates

Please see Help:Images and other media for templates specific to uploaded images and other media.