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To Do... list for PoliceWiki

Want to help out with the wiki, but not sure where to begin?

Right now the list of work to do is nearly endless, but here's a quick guide to ways you can help out (along with specific jobs on the administrators' check lists)

Things for all "To Do"

  • Contribute concert pics. Did you take photos at any particular Police or related concert or event? Please consider uploading one or two which can be used on the appropriate performance or event pages. Images should go in the appropriate Images category, though if you are uncertain where to put them or need a new category added, please ask sockii. Make sure to provide the appropriate information including your credit and the date of the event.
  • Contribute other images. We're still in need of many images such as:
    • book & magazine cover photos
    • memorabilia photos (t-shirts, posters, buttons, novelties...)
    • ticket scans
    • album and single sleeve art
    • Etc! Again, all such contributions welcome, just put them in the appropriate Images category or ask if one doesn't exist for what you need.
  • Start building pages! There are thousands of articles that are little more than Stubs or blank templates at this point. Even if all you can do is add song lyrics to Song pages, or a set list from a concert, or links to outside reviews, all such contributions are welcome! An article does not need to be built in one day or be absolutely complete before contributing to. The evolution of the wiki is very organic in that fashion and every contribution helps the final project along.
  • Add more song/album/etc information. We know we don't have every Police & solo song or album out there listed yet. If you know some are missing, please feel free to add "stubs" in the proper categories for them.
  • Add website and fandom info! Webmasters, PoliceWiki can be a great way to promote your own site, as well as keep information about it up to date. Check Category:Fansites (The Police), Category:Fansites (Stewart Copeland), Category:Fansites (Andy Summers), Category:Fansites (Sting) etc to see if your site is listed, and/or to add information about it. Template:Fansite can help you format the information.
  • Check category assignments. Special:Uncategorizedpages and Special:Uncategorizedimages list articles and pages which are "orphaned" and in need of proper categorization. These can easily be edited by anyone, and you can check PoliceWiki:Site Map to see where a page or image properly belongs.
  • Ask the administrators questions! Bug us if something doesn't make sense, if you have a suggestion, or need help figuring out wiki coding. That's what we're here for.
  • Promote the wiki. Link to it in your blog, on your website, in other communities where there are Police fans, etc. The more folks get involved in sharing their information and experiences, the better the wiki will be.

sockii's current tasks

  • Keep making sure the "This day in Police history" pages are up-to-date and add photos for the front page.
  • Working on basic biography pages. These really need a lot of work (and I could use help with this).
  • Magazine articles - work on replacing stubs with actual content, make sure naming conventions are consistent.
  • Fix the broken <ref> tags now that the cite extension no longer works.
  • Check for anything else that's broken since the MW upgrade.

DM's tasks

  • Architecture
    • Site Map - check once a month
    • Categories
      • dates/events disambiguation
      • Appearances categories? (book tours, film screening tours, photo exhibits)
      • Think: Songs (Orchestralli), etc)? what about the composition problem?
      • Should Songs (x) just go under Discography (x)?
  • Songs
    • Figure out song/composition hell (cats and templates or written v. performed v. recorded)
      • cf. "Naive"
    • SC song redirects (which wins-first? last? most common?)
      • what about Equalizer/Eq Busy Eq'ing-type situations?
    • Work out double-assigned songs
  • The/A/An alphabetization (alphabetize by not-the/a/an)
  • Event/timeline/historic event redirects?
    • Historic (Police)?
  • Figure out how to anchor link asterisk in Site Map
  • Figure out how to do footnotes
  • Edit/fix/add own smugmug links
  • Comb through the Disambig pages for consistency (cf. Shadows)
  • Site Map Reference

Dietmar's tasks

backstage pass for 1982-07-28 ?? --- add to most of Henry's solo concerts

daily pages for all June / July 2006 new entries

daily pages for new 1986 entries (done on Feb 16 2017)

1991 - http://www.thepolicewiki.org/Police_wiki/index.php?title=1991-06-12_%28Sting%29 - Barcelona hair was shorter - check screenshot

  • 1987 - recording ...Sun / rehearsals with Gil Evans at end of June ?, then to mother's tombstone / Power Station...
  • 1988 - find date for Stormy Monday premiere in USA / They Dance Alone video / flying to Rome (in Tele - May 2, 1988)
  • 1990 - find date for BMI Awards (2 million plays of Breath) / day after (Sting at home / video shoot for Mad About You)
  • Dr. Dot pictures for Berlin 2004 -> wrong haircut - do they belong to 2001 -> ask Dr. Dot
  • Bob & Ken - poster makers
  • Zen - truck guy
  • New Orders - new name for BTM
  • La Starza, Mano's, A+R, Sounds Alright - rehearsal rooms
  • Derek - Derek Dowsett ? Sonja Kristina manager
  • Alex - Alex Richman (Curved Air keyboards end of 1976), Alex R. Iranian manager end of 1977 ???

ask Tina and Dee: http://www.policefans.org/Police_wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page I've visited the Outlandos shop in the late early 90s, but in its prime (The Police times) I was rather too young. I wonder if you've still got memorabilia to share which I might present on the website. I've got most of the Outlandos newsletters and some mini-newsletters - maybe there's a chance you have an old calendar or diary and know the exact dates when some Police memeber visited the club. Details like that - and pictures obviously - is what the PoliceWiki is all about.