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The inclusion of media such as image, video, and audio files can at times be helpful in illustrating and identifying subject matter in articles. That said, PoliceWiki is not intended to be a media archive primarily, but only use media files as necessary for instructional and reference purposes. This article explains how to upload media and how to properly provide information and categorize media on PoliceWiki.

Important note: At the current time, PoliceWiki has only enabled the uploading of image files in common formats and "ogg" files for short audio samples. We will consider adding video uploading in the future but only once we have carefully monitored site and bandwidth usage and can be certain it is not going to overload our provided hosting plan. Until then, please use external links to reference to any video or other format audio files in articles.

How to upload images

The quick way to insert an image is to use the Embedded image button at the top of every text entry window when editing an article. This generates the following code:


Where you then replace "Example.jpg" with the name of the file you wish to upload (for example: "2008-01-01 Stewart_Copeland.jpg").

When you chose to Save page, the link for the image will be in place in the article and should appear in RED, indicating the image does not exist yet. Such as

File:2008-01-01 Stewart Copeland.jpg

Click on that link and you will be taken to the File upload page.

From here, input the Source filename of where the image you wish to upload is located on your computer (or click Browse... to navigate to it simply.) In the Summary box, please input information about the image file you are uploading, preferably using one of the templates listed below. Choose Upload file, and your file will be uploaded unless there is some problem with it (format, image size, etc.)

For information on customizing the appearance of an image in an article page such as size, placement, and descriptive tags, please see Help:Images @ MediaWiki for more information.

If you want to upload an image without directly linking it to a wiki article, you can simply click on the "Upload File" link in the left toolbar of all wiki pages.

Many Category:Article templates include placeholders for appropriate images. When using such a template, replace the name of the placeholder image with the name of the image you plan to upload (Example: when using Template:Person, replace "Image_of_person.png" with the name of the image file you are uploading.)

Using images from other sites

The administrators at PoliceWiki ask that, should you wish to use image files taken from other websites (such as those belonging to a professional or amateur photographer, or a different Police fan's website), that you ask that individual for their permission first. It doesn't take much effort to ask, and the courtesy can be greatly appreciated. If given permission, you should make sure to include information on where and/or from whom you received this image in its descriptive file. The easiest way to do this is from using the appropriate image information template from the list below.

Image information templates

All image files should have a descriptive information page. This is especially important for images uploaded under Fair Use when you are not the copyright holder of the image. Use the template best suited for the image you are uploading from the following list:

Template Used for... Example usage
Template:Album image information information pages on album cover art Image:Police-album-reggattadeblanc.jpg
Template:Book cover information information pages on book cover art Image:Wildthing-iancopeland.gif
Template:Copyrighted image information information pages on copyrighted images used with specific permission on PoliceWiki. Image:1977 01 22 lawrenceimpeyphoto.jpg
Template:Film poster information information pages on film poster art Image:Brimstoneandtreacleposter.jpg
Template:Logo information information pages about logos Image:Outlandos.gif
Template:Magazine cover information information pages on magazine covers Image:Keyboard1988.jpg
Template:Magazine image information information pages on magazine images (non-covers) Image:1989-11-rhythm-diagram.jpg
Template:Music video screenshot information information pages on music video screenshots Image:Video-walkingonthemoon.jpg
Template:Newspaper image information information pages on newspaper images and scans Image:20070126TheProvince.jpg
Template:Poster information information pages on posters Image:Police-marquee.jpg
Template:Promotional image information information pages on promotional images Image:Deadlikeme.jpg
Template:Public domain self-released image information pages on images you've created/photographed yourself, and wish to release to public domain usage Image:Omnomcat.jpg
Template:Single image information information pages on singles' cover art Image:walkingonthemoon.jpg
Template:Video cover information information pages on video and dvd cover art Image:Sting-thevideospart1.jpg
Template:Video screenshot information information pages on video and television screenshots Image:Television-justthetwoofus.jpg
Template:Web screenshot information information pages on screenshots of websites Image:Tookool_site.jpg

Other media information templates

Categorizing media

All media files should be properly categorized, just like article pages. They should be placed in the appropriate category within Category:Media files, for example: Category:Album_images. This will help users find images for use in articles that may already be in place for use, as well as browse media that is uploaded in an easier fashion.