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Stubs are article placeholders: in other words, they are pages which are intended to include content in the future on the PoliceWiki, but that information has not been added yet.

All stubs should be listed at Category:Stubs.

How to add content to a stub page

  • Do not create a new article with a different name. For instance, if you wanted to add content to the Sonja Kristina stub article, open that link and select "edit" from the top toolbar.
  • Delete {{Stub}} and [[Category:Stubs]] from the article text you are editing. Replace this text with the information you are adding to the article. Templates are available at Help:Templates to make creating new article content for stubs and new pages simpler. Just chose the template that best applies to the article you are converting from a stub (in this case, [[Template:Person]]), copy and paste the template into the article, and edit the data as necessary. Sections can be added or removed from the template as necessary.

Marking a page as "Under construction"

Sometimes you might want to work on an article that's marked as a stub, but it will take some time to write (for instance, a biography or filmography page that requires more extensive research). If you would like to mark that page as one that has been "claimed" by you to work on, delete {{Stub}} from it and add this template to the stub article instead:

{{Under construction}}

This will generate an infobox that looks like this:

Under Construction
This page is currently being developed by a single author. Editing by others may cause a conflict of information.
If you'd still like to contribute, see the discussion page.

The article will be moved from Category:Stubs to Category:Under construction. You may wish to place a note on the article's discussion page to stamp when the article was claimed by you for editing.

General etiquette on PoliceWiki is that you should not claim an article for longer than one month without updating it. If one month has passed since you marked an article as {{Under construction}}, another user can take over the claim instead or it may be placed back into the {{Stubs}} category instead.