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The following article summarizes basic principles to follow when naming articles on PoliceWiki. Articles which are found not to follow proper naming guidelines will be moved and renamed by the sysops.

General principles and rules

  • Use full names - whether in regards to individuals, venues, songs, or albums, use full names in article titles, and categories. Examples:
Andy Summers
Discography (Andy Summers)
2006-10-06 (Andy Summers)
  • For common types of pages and categories (Discographies, Songs, Fandom...) name by page type followed by Artist/band name in (parenthesis). Examples:
Discography (Andy Summers)
Discography (Oysterhead)
Fandom (Andy Summers)

Event/timeline articles

In order for articles related to specific events--such as live performances, public appearances, and personal milestones to be recorded in the calendar pages at Category:Timeline, all articles about events should be named using the following format:


For example, and article about The Police performing on the Grammy Awards on February 11, 2007, would be titled

Date disambiguation

It is possible that multiple events may have taken place on the same date. For instance, Sting might have been having an album signing event the same date as Andy was having a book signing . If and when this is a case, the main article, YYYY-MM-DD, should be a disambiguation page and the individual performances given separate articles with related titles, such as:

For more information on event pages and how to handle multiple events on the same day, please see Help:Events.

Media articles

Articles about books, albums, songs, films and other media should share the name of that media and match the punctuation format of the original item. All words in titles should be capitalized for consistency. For instance:

Media disambiguation

Many media titles, however, may represent multiple separate items: a song as well as an album title; a song as well as a music video; a film as well as a book; etc. When this is the case, the main article with that title should be a disambiguation page with the separate articles named for their media type. For example:

Person articles

Articles about individuals should be titled

  • Firstname Lastname

For example,

Be sure to include appropriate suffixes to avoid confusion between people as well, such as

Venue articles

One problem that can come up with articles about specific venues is that their names can change through the years. In order to provide a complete history for the Police-related appearances at a particular venue, regardless of its changing name, please follow the following guidelines when building articles about or including links to venues whose names have changed:

  • The full article on the venue should be under the venue's name at the time of the first Police-related appearance at it. That article should include a list of the venue's other names through the years.
  • Other names for the venue should lead to redirects to the venue's original name.
  • Performance/event pages should link to the venue's name as it was at the time of that particular performance.

For example: Blockbuster/ Sony Music Entertainment Center is the name of a venue where Sting performed on 2000-06-24. As this was the first name of the venue, and the first performance noted by a Police-related artist at the venue, that is the name under which the venue is listed at the PoliceWiki. On 2001-11-11, Oysterhead performed at the venue after it had been renamed the Tweeter Center. The page for the Tweeter Center exists only as a redirect to the real page at Blockbuster/ Sony Music Entertainment Center. But it is listed under that name on the entry for 2001-11-11, and the name change information is listed on the venue's main information page.