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Categories are how articles are sorted throughout the wiki. It is important that every article be placed in at least one and in the most correct category, or else visitors to the wiki might not be able to find them.

How to categorize

The top level categories for PoliceWiki can be viewed at Category:Main. All categories used on the site are listed at Special:Categories.

Devising the simplest category scheme for the wiki involved considerable thought and effort. To view the basic category structure for the site, please visit PoliceWiki:Site Map.

Listing articles only in the most proper category is encouraged for easy browsing, and also in case categories need re-ordering in the future. For example, the article Eyes Of A Stranger would belong only in Category:Songs & Compositions (Andy Summers), not also Category:Andy Summers or Category:Discography (Andy Summers). Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the category structure of the site when working on editing the wiki.

How to create new categories

Before creating a new category, be sure one doesn't already exist within the wiki, just in a different location than you were looking for it. Also be sure that the category is necessary and that the article(s) you are writing deserve the creation of a new category. If you are uncertain, discuss the creation of the category on the Talk page(s) for the higher level category or categories you want to put the new category into.

If a new category is necessary, simply type it the end of the article you are writing, for instance:

[[Category:Songs (artist's name here)]]

Save the page, then click on the red link for that new category. In the text box that appears on the next page, type the name(s) of the higher level category (or categories) the newly created category should belong to. In this example again:

[[Category:Discography (artist's name)]]

All newly created categories should belong to at least one higher-level category, which eventually leads back to Category:Main.