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PoliceWiki came about as an outgrowth of the policefans.org project. While there is a wealth of information about The Police available on-line currently, that information is scattered across hundreds (if not thousands) of different websites, communities, and mailing lists. Books, magazine articles, and films about the band also contain information which can be scattered and difficult to find.

As a solution to this problem, the idea of creating a Police wiki to attempt to consolidate useful information about the band in one place came about. This project is open to participation and contributions from all Police fans, from all countries, from all backgrounds. PoliceWiki is a non-profit project produced for the fans and entirely by the fans--meaning we have no official connection to the band, this is not an official website, and any content here is added entirely for informational purposes only. All content related to the factual canon around the band, its members, and its music is welcome in the wiki. We also maintain a relationship with the FanHistory for recording and documenting the activities and creative fanworks of those involved in the Police fandom community.

Difference from Wikipedia

The question might be raised, "Why create a separate wiki for the Police, instead of simply expanding on the information available at Wikipedia?" There are several reasons for the existence of a separate wiki:

  1. Different article notability standards Wikipedia discourages the inclusion of some material, such as trivia, which can be of great interest and use to fans. Wikipedia's standards for article notability are more restrictive than those outlined at PoliceWiki:Article notability. Whereas Wikipedia might only have a single article in regards to, for instance, the Police Reunion Tour, the PoliceWiki intends to have separate pages for each individual tour date, with information on set lists, venue size, ticket prices, opening acts, trivial facts about the performance, photographs from the event, and other information relevant to fans.
  1. Sysops who are fans themselves The sysops involved in maintaining PoliceWiki are Police fans themselves, therefore their ability to monitor content for relevancy, as well as understanding the unique aspects of Police fandom as a whole, will contribute to the development of the wiki. Whereas Wikipedia deleted an article on CHA! as not being notable, the sysops at PoliceWiki encourage the inclusion of such fan-related material which might not have readily-understandable relevancy to people outside of the fandom.

Maintainer and Sysops

  • User:Sockii is the primary maintainer and administrator of the wiki. She hosts the policefans.org domain, maintains the database and is responsible for keeping everything running as smoothly as possible. She has been maintaining websites and webdomains since 1999. If for any reason sockii no longer wishes or is able to maintain the wiki, it will be passed on to another capable individual -- most likely one of the other site admins -- to continue its upkeep and preserve the work of all contributors.

Data stability

The PolieWiki database is backed-up on at least a monthly basis (more frequently when significant activity has occurred.) This is to ensure that the contributions of our users is not lost due to any kind of computer or equipment failure. These data backups are stored in multiple locations for redundancy as well.

FanHistory is a pan-fandom wiki maintained by User:Laura for documenting fandom activities. PoliceWiki supports FanHistory and encourages our contributors to add their information on Police fandom activities to both wikis as best suits its relevancy.