The Police Official File

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The Police Official File
Cover of The Police Official File, Issue No. 1
Publisher: Mark Baker
Publication date(s): May 1980 - December 1981
Frequency of publication: Monthly
Publication country: United Kingdom
Fanzine language(s): English
Page count: 32pp
Price: 50-70p


An officially endorsed publication, The Police Official File ran from May 1980 to December 1981. Published in London, England, this digest-sized, color magazine featured news and information about the band including concert dates, interviews, biographical information and photos generally provided by the Police organization. It also featured fan contributions in the forms of a letters column, penpal listings, and creative contests including poetry and art competitions with monetary prizes. Popular in this magazine were the many photographs of the band in "exotic" locations including India, Hong Kong, South America, and Australia. The reasons for the end of the fanzine's publication are unknown.

Publication history

Cover Issue No. Publication date Cover price Length
Theofficialpolicefile1.jpg No. 1 May 1980 50p 32pp, published on April 19, 1980
Theofficialpolicefile2.jpg No. 2 June 1980 50p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile3.jpg No. 3 July 1980 50p 32pp, published on June 19, 1980
Theofficialpolicefile4.jpg No. 4 August 1980 50p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile5.jpg No. 5 September 1980 50p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile6.jpg No. 6 October 1980 55p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile7.jpg No. 7 November 1980 55p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile8.jpg No. 8 December 1980 55p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile9.jpg No. 9 January 1981 60p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile10.jpg No. 10 February 1981 60p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile11.jpg No. 11 March 1981 60p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile12.jpg No. 12 April 1981 60p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile13.jpg No. 13 May 1981 60p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile14.jpg No. 14 June 1981 60p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile15.jpg No. 15 July 1981 70p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile16.jpg No. 16 August 1981 70p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile17.jpg No. 17 September 1981 70p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile18.jpg No. 18 October 1981 70p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile19.jpg No. 19 November 1981 70p 32pp
Theofficialpolicefile20.jpg No. 20 December 1981 70p 32pp

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  • The Official Police File May 1980-December 1981.