2007-06 Rolling Stone

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Rolling Stone
Artist title: "The Police's Fragile Truce"
Artist or band featured: The Police
Year: 2007
Month: June
Country of publication: United States
Language: English
Author/interviewer: David Fricke
Length of feature: 4 pages

In June 2007, The Police were featured in a cover article in Rolling Stone.


This article features interviews with Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers discussing the 2007-2008 Reunion Tour.

Quotes and noteworthy content

Today, Copeland, Sting and Summers are honest and respectful in assessing how each of them has, and has not, changed. "It's like living with a keg of dynamite--the fuse is always burning," Summers says. "Stewart and Sting are very different, very tense. Sting thinks about things and talks quietly. Stewart is flamboyant, very outward. It's like the sun and the moon trying to create another planet. But if they were both dark or both outgoing, it wouldn't be as interesting."

"I've always appreciated Stewart as a person and a musician," Sting says. "He does get excited -- way too excited -- but that's him." And, Sting concedes, "it was his band. God bless him -- he's very sanguine about what's happened."

Copeland is, in fact, ecstatic. "Sting's my guy!" he crows. "I found him. I'm proud of him. When they shouted his name at the shows, I was like, 'Yeah, that's my guy.'

"I think it's about sibling position," he says. "When you're the youngest, it's easy to identify with older brothers, and my brothers were very chrismatic when I was growing up. Even when you're a shining light yourself, there's always a brighter bulb standing next to you."<ref>Fricke, David. "The Police's Fragile Truce." Rolling Stone 28 June 2007: 40-44.</ref>

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