Steinberger L2

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Steinberger L2
Andy's Steinberger bass on the cover of 1982-07 Guitar World
the Steinberger bass with removed sticker on the cover of 1982-08 Player
Artist: Sting
Band or ensemble: Last Exit / The Police / Sting
Time gear used: 1982 - YYYY


Steinberger started to produce their headless basses in 1980. On 1982-01-18 Sting tried out the bass Andy Summers had on loan- first at the soundcheck and then for the actual concert.

Gear breakdown

On 1982-04-07 (and probably still on 1982-04-12) the Steinberger sticker on the bass is still intact. Lynn Goldsmith photos from (probably) 1982-04-18 reveal that the sticker is only partially there now. By 1982-04-21 the sticker was completely gone.

Sting later got his own black L2 model. Photos up to 1982-09-05 still show Sting with Andy's bass with the missing Steinberger sticker.

The Steinberger bass was used to record the Synchronicity album. Sting's own Steinberger bass (with sticker) can be spotted in 1983 rehearsal room photos taken by Danny Quatrochi.

During the 1983-1984 Synchronicity Tour Danny Quatrochi played it on Invisible Sun, while Sting only used it occasionally.

Quotations and trivia

Andy Summers still owns such bass that features the Steinberger logo (either it's been renewed or it's a different bass).

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