Lynn Goldsmith

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Lynn Goldsmith
Basic information
Birth name: BIRTH NAME
Birth date: February 11, 1948
Origin: Detroit, MI, USA
Occupation(s): Photographer
Associated acts: The Police, Sting, Bruce Springsteen (among others)
Official website:

Lynn Goldsmith did countless photo shoots with The Police starting in October 1978, sadly not keeping track of any of her sessions. Besides the few known dates listed below she visited Stewart at his London home in July 1979, did a photo shoot at her studio around 1981-01-10, did a session before the first Ghost concert in New York, took photos of Andy with Robert Fripp, was at various concerts during the early 1982 US tour, took photos of Andy with Pat Metheny around May 1982, did several shoots with Sting and Andy in 1982 and visited Stewart with newborn Jordan in the summer of 1983.

Sting also wrote a song for her "Will Powers" album Dancing For Mental Health .


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