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Last Exit
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Background information
Origin: Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK
Years active: 1974 - 1977
Label(s): Wudwink
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Terry Ellis
John Hedley
Ronnie Pearson
Gerry Richardson

Band history

The band was founded in October 1974 and first rehearsed on 1974-10-04. Their first gig was at the Gosforth Hotel on 1974-10-17. Soon afterwards they started rehearsing for the musical "Rock Nativity", where Sting met his future wife Frances Tomelty.

The band recorded several times at Impulse Studios in Newcastle (1975) and at Pathway Studios in London (1976). Their first official release was the cassette First From Last Exit..., which was produced in time for the band's concerts in Spain in the summer of 1975.

John Hedley left the band after a concert at the Gosforth Hotel on 1975-10-15.

On 1975-10-26 Last Exit were on the same bill as Andy Summers - who performed Tubular Bells with an orchestra.

On 1975-11-18 the band recorded Whispering Voices at Impulse Studios which became their only single release.

In late 1975 the musicians performed for another rock opera: "Hellfire".

Last Exit tried their luck in London in September 1976 - with several concerts and recording sessions - they already had a publishing deal with Virgin Music but didn't convince them to get a record deal.

On 1976-09-25 Stewart Copeland met Sting at a Last Exit concert in Newcastle.

When Terry Ellis told them on 1976-12-12 he'd leave the band to join a pantomime Sting and Gerry Richardson decided to move to London.

After a farewell concert and a TV appearance in Newcastle Sting and his family moved to London in early January 1977. He contacted Stewart Copeland and joined The Police. Last Exit played a few more concerts early that year and a final farewell concert in Newcastle in December 1977.

Band members


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Studio albums

Quotations and Trivia

The band played at the Gosforth Hotel every Wednesday for about two years (?), then at the University Theatre. It' possible that they performed at the Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge every Tuesday after Back Door were signed to Warner Brothers ('s).

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