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  • On a Sunday in March Sandy Andolora visited Sting at his London home for some last minute typing for his Amazon book - Sting was tired after arriving from America that very morning (from (Outlandos newsletters - March 1989
  • Sting is interviewed at his Highgate home for various magazines in April 1989 - The Times mentions that he took an overnight flight from Los Angeles before their interview with him

might have been the same flight...

(Outlandos newsletters - March / July 1989)

  • Golden Wire concert in San Diego, CA on Monday, September 25, 1989 ?

LA Times article mentions that they reached Andy in San Diego on Tuesday (where there was a concert in Redondo Beach) - maybe the interview came first (after sleeping in San Diego after a concert) then travelling to and playing in Redondo Beach ??

STING & RAONI "tour"

April 4 date is a given --- he may just have arrived from Los Angeles

  • Sting is interviewed for Playboy in Geneve, Switzerland. This took place after Brussels, Belgium.
  • May 1989 - The Advertiser: Sting is interviewed at the Sebel Townhouse - he mentions these events

"During his time in Australia, Sting met Prime Minister Hawke and Environment Minister Richardson, but a meeting with Nick Greiner might have been just as appropriate. ... The foundation's next - and final - stop is Brazil."

  • Raoni wikipedia: Raoni visited 17 countries alongside with Sting, from April till June 1989.

April 11-14 - Paris, France

April 15 - Malmedy, Belgium - press conference (maybe that's the one Sting mentioned as Brussels in Playboy, but both cities are not exactly close to each other)

April 17 - Sting in London

April 19 - Geneve, Switzerland

April 20 - Milan, Italy

April 22 - Rome, Italy

April 24 - Rome, Italy

April 25 or 26 - London

April 27 and 28 - London

after London: Denmark

May 3 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

May 4 and 5 - Oslo, Norway

May 6 - flying from Oslo to Madrid

May 8 - Madrid, Spain

May 10 - New York, NY, USA

May 12 - Toronto, ON, Canada

May 15 - New York, NY, USA

May 16 - Los Angeles - Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History - gettyimages video clips "back in Brazil in two weeks" - "flying to Tokyo tomorrow"

May 17 and 18 - Tokyo, Japan

May 20 - Sydney press conference

June 3 - New York, NY, USA - or in Brazil (?)

  • the week before the first New York previews the 3 Penny Opera rehearsed in the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in New York (Newsday - October 1989)
  • Nancy Ellison may have photographed Sting on October 30 - a press photo features various dates - this might be the actual photo shoot day...

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