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1989 Animal Logic Jeff Seitz pass 01.jpg 1989 Animal Logic Jeff Seitz pass 02.jpg
a tour pass - provided by Jeff Seitz
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a ticket for this concert - provided by Omaha Perez
Performance summary
Artist performing: Animal Logic
Tour: 1989-1990 Animal Logic North American Tour
Venue: Slim's
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: US$ 15,00

On 1989-11-03, Animal Logic performed at Slim's in San Francisco, CA, USA.


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11:00 am - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - Hotel drive to Gavin Report

11:30 am - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - Gavin Report - meet staff

12:30 pm - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - KUSF-FM on-air interview (tentative)

1:30 pm - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - KFOG-FM visit Music Director and Program Director

3:00 pm - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - KXFX-FM on-air interview (tentative)

4:30 pm - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - Slim's interview with KALX-FM after soundcheck

5:00 pm - soundcheck

8:00 pm - doors open

9:00 pm - opening act

10:30 pm - Animal Logic

12:00 am - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - Slim's aftershow reception with various radio, retail and MCA personnel

capacity: 500

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