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1989 11 27 live photo Jonathan Shykofsky.jpg
a photo from this day - copyright Jonathan Shykofsky
1989 11 27 photo.jpg
a photo from this day - copyright Jonathan Shykofsky
1989 11 27 ticket jock lowndes.jpg
a ticket for this concert - provided by Jock Lowndes
Performance summary
Artist performing: Animal Logic
Tour: 1989-1990 Animal Logic North American Tour
Venue: El Mocambo
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: C$ 17,75

On 1989-11-27, Animal Logic performed at El Mocambo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  • Improvisational Jam
  • Bass Solo Jam

Recording information

There's a recording of this concert.


10:30AM - Stewart is picked up by Paul at the King Edward hotel and taken to CHUM-FM on 1331 Yonge St.

11:00AM - Stewart - CHUM-FM - taped interview with Brad Giffen (to air same day at 1:00 pm)

11:00AM - Deborah - Hotel - CHEZ-FM (Ottawa) taped interview by phone with Cath Thompson

11:15AM - Stanley - Hotel - CKMF-FM (Montreal) taped interview by phone with Luc Tremblay

11:15AM - Stewart - CHUM-FM - departs and returns to the King Edward hotel

11:30AM - Deborah - Hotel - Rock 95 taped interview by phone with Tim Westin

11:35AM - Stanley - Hotel - HTZ-FM taped interview by phone with Eric Samuels

11:45AM - Stewart - Hotel - CFTO-TV taped interview with Anne Brodie (to air nationally same day)

11:45AM - Deborah - Hotel - Illinois Entertainer interview with Karen Bliss

11:45AM - Stanley - Hotel - CHOM-FM (Montreal) taped interview by phone with Neil Kushner

Noon - Stewart, Stanley - Hotel - CFNY-FM taped interview with Hal Harbour (to air same day at 7:00 pm)

12:15PM - Stanley, Deborah - Hotel - CHFI-FM taped interview with Paul Cook

12:15PM - Stewart - Hotel - The Record (Tipsheet) interview with Kevin Wynne

12:30PM - Stanley, Deborah - Hotel - YTV Rocks (National TV Video Show) taped interview with Michael Q

12:45PM - Stewart - Hotel - CKOI-FM (Montreal) live interview by telephone with Dianne Bouffard

1:00PM- Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - Hotel - CBC-TV (Local and National News) taped interview with Beth Harrington (to air at 6:00 pm)

1:10PM - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - Hotel - CBC-TV / Good Rockin' Tonite (National Video SHow) taped interview with Stu Jeffries (Christina to ask question off camera)

1:20PM - Stewart - Hotel - CBC-TV Midday (National TV Show) taped interview with Valerie Pringle

1:20PM - Stanley - Hotel - Guitar For Practicing Musicians (Magazine) interview with Randy Coven

1:30PM - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - Hotel - Lunch

2:15PM - Stewart - Hotel - leave with Christina for CBC Radio Primetime Studios at 354 Jarvis Street

2:15PM - Stanley, Deborah - Hotel - leave with Paul for CKFM Radio Studios

2:40PM - Stewart - CBC Radio Primetime Studios - CBC-FM taped interview with Jeff Pever

2:40PM - Stanley, Deborah - CKFM Radio Studios - CKFM-FM taped interview with Wayne Webster

3:00PM - Stewart - CBC Radio Primetime Studios - leave CBC Radio Primetime Studios for El Mocambo

3:00PM - Stanley, Deborah - Hotel - CKFM Radio Studios for El Mocambo

3:30PM - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - El Mocambo - The New Music (National Music Show) taped interview with Denise Donlon

4:00PM - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - El Mocambo - soundcheck

5:00PM - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - El Mocambo - depart El Mocambo for MuchMusic Studios at 299 Queen Street West

5:30PM - Stewart, Stanley, Deborah - MuchMusic Studios - MuchMusic (National Music Channel) live interview with Michael Williams

6:00PM - Deborah - MuchMusic Studios - depart MuchMusic Studios with Steve for retail visit

6:00PM - Stewart, Stanley - MuchMusic Studios - depart MuchMusic for Q107 Radio Studios at 2 Bloor St. East - with Paul

6:30PM - Stewart, Stanley - Q107 Radio Studios - Q107-FM live 6:00 Rock Report interview with Steve Warden and John Derringer

8:00PM - doors open

9:30PM - opening act

11:30PM - Animal Logic

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