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Sting and Trudie in Newcastle
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Date: 1990-12-08
Location: Newcastle, England, UK - Gosforth Hotel
Attendees: Sting, Trudie Styler, Gerry Richardson, Ronnie Pearson, Phil Sutcliffe

Sting and Trudie Styler arrived in Newcastle by train. A camera team from Channel 4 followed them through the city to the places of Sting's youth.

The couple stayed at the Gosforth Hotel. When Sting called Gerry Richardson earlier that day he found out Gerry Richardson's "Little Mo Blues Band" were supposed to play at the same hotel for the Newcastle Architects Association's annual Christmas dinner-dance that evening.

When Sting arrived at his hotel coming from the shipyard shoot with the Channel 4 team he found Gerry unloading his piano from his car and helped him haul his gear into the ballroom.

At the hotel's restaurant Sting has dinner with family members and friends and happens to meet Last Exit member Ronnie Pearson there.

Sting leaves them for about 10 minutes to join Gerry Richardson and his band for their afternoon rehearsals in the ballroom. He grabs a bass guitar and they improvise Every Breath You Take together before Sting joins his family and friends back at the restaurant.

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sources: 1991-02 Q; US - May 16, 1991

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