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Stewart works on Rumble Fish at Tres Virgos Studio
Stewart Copeland at Tres Virgos Studio playing a "Glockenspiel" for the Rumble Fish soundtrack (photo undated). Photo by Robin Yeager.
Date: 1983-03-30
Location: San Rafael, CA, USA- Tres Virgos Studio
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Robin Yeager

Stewart Copeland is working on the Rumble Fish score at Tres Virgos Studio.

This is just a conclusion - according to a working sheet Stewart was busy at the studio tomorrow. According to Robin Yeager's story and Wall of Voodoo tourdates he also recorded there yesterday. So the day between these events was very probably another recording day.

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source: Robin Yeager's story / Wall of Voodoo tourdates, working sheet for 1983-03-31

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