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Stewart and Stanard Ridgway record Don't Box Me In at Tres Virgos Studio
Stewart Copeland and Stanard Ridgway at Tres Virgos Studio. Photo by Robin Yeager.
Date: 1983-03-29
Location: San Rafael, CA, USA - Tres Virgos Studio
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Robin Yeager, Stanard Ridgway

Stewart Copeland and Stanard Ridgway recorded Don't Box Me In at Tres Virgos Studio.

Robin Yeager: "When the time came to write the music for the credit roll at the end of Rumble Fish, Stewart called on Stanard Ridgway of Wall of Voodoo (Mexican Radio). Stan was on tour in Boston when he got the call to fly out to California. He left the stage, went to the Boston airport caught the red eye and arrived at the studio early in the morning. Armed with studio strength coffee, he and Stewart began to collaborate on the lyrics. “Don't Box Me In” was written and recorded in one very long day. We put Stan back on the plane for a 7:00am flight to meet the band on tour in New Jersey (I think). The mix that is used on the soundtrack album and the credit roll was actually a rough mix of mine to ½” tape done the next day. I don’t recall exactly why this was necessary to use my rough mix, but I believe that the 2” multitrack master tape was damaged in transit at some point. My rough was the only survivor."

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source: Robin Yeager, Wall of Voodoo tourdates (there's a chance that there was another Boston gig, of course, but that's the best approximation for the Don't Box Me In recording date so far...)

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