1982-05-05 (Stewart Copeland)

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Stewart records "Across The River" with Peter Gabriel
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Date: 1982-05-05
Location: Bath, England, UK - Crescent Studios
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Peter Gabriel, Shankar, David Rhodes, David Lord

Stewart Copeland recorded Across The River with Peter Gabriel at Crescent Studios in Bath, England, UK.

Co-producer David Lord remembers that the musicians started with a lot of jamming on 1982-05-04, carrying on recording the song all through the night until Peter Gabriel was satisfied. Stewart Copeland was by himself on a video link in the studio's live room and everybody else was with David Lord in the control room beneath. No click track was used, which made Stewart's contribution more raw & exciting.

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source: Stewart Copeland's diary features the entry "Peter Gabriel - Bath" for 1982-05-04, David Lord, photos

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