Across The River

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"Across The River"
3 CD box cover
Recorded by Peter Gabriel & Stewart Copeland
Released: 1982-MM-DD
Recorded: 1982-05-04
Length: 7:05 (LP) / 6:49 (CD)
Album(s): Music And Rhythm / Music & Rhythm WOMAD 1982-2007
Label(s): WEA (LP), WOMAD (CD)
Writer(s): Peter Gabriel, Stewart Copeland, David Rhodes, Shankar
Producer(s): Peter Gabriel / David Lord
Studio(s): Shabby Road Studios, Crescent Studios
Released as single: B-Side

"Across The River" is a song written and recorded by Peter Gabriel, Stewart Copeland, David Rhodes & Shankar on 1982-05-04.

About the song

Peter Gabriel came up with the chord sequence on 1982-05-03 - the night before Stewart Copeland, Shankar and David Rhodes came down to Bath for the recording.

This song was recorded at Crescent Studios in Bath on 1982-05-04 and far into the early morning hours of 1982-05-05.

Peter Gabriel and Stewart Copeland would perform it live at the 1st WOMAD festival on 1982-07-18.


Release History


"Across The River" appears on the following album releases (please see links for further details on each title):

Cover art Album title Catalog no. Release country Format Release date
40px Music And Rhythm WEA K68045 UK, Germany, USA... 2 LP 1982-07-DD
Music & Rhythm WOMAD 1982-2007.jpg Music & Rhythm WOMAD 1982-2007 WOMAD25 UK 3 CD 2007-MM-DD

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