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1982 01 15 The Police 01 WCOZ Radio.jpg 1982 01 15 The Police 02 WCOZ Radio.jpg
photos from this concert - copyright Ron Rudy / "Wcoz Radio Boston 94 1/2 Fm"
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1981-1982 Ghost in the Machine Tour
Venue: Boston Garden
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Support acts: The Go-Go's
Ticket prices: US$ 11.50

On 1982-01-15, The Police performed at Boston Garden in Boston, MA, USA.


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert.


The Police flew from London (Heathrow) to Boston in the morning. They arrived at Boston's Meridien Hotel five hours ahead of their concert.

This concert was sold out = 15.500 people in the audience.

Backstage at the arena a roadie told Andy Summers and Sting that the bridge pickups on their Fenders had both somehow become demagnetized simultaneously. The back pickups on both instruments went completely dead before the band went on stage. The guitar had to be remagnetised, but sounded extremely bright afterwards, only slowly returning to its former glory.

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