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The Police relax in the New Zealand mountains
an ad for this tour in Rip It Up - February 1980
an ad for this tour in Billboard - March 15, 1980
Date: 1980-03-04
Location: New Zealand mountains
Attendees: The Police

The Police's New Zealand tour should have looked like this:

The first Auckland show sold out, so a 2nd concert was organized for today.

Jeff Seitz confirmed that only one New Zealand concert was actually played - at Christchurch Town Hall on 1980-02-29.

The list of cancelled gigs can be a bit confusing (check out the References section at the bottom). The Police may have cancelled a concert at Wellington Town Hall today. As Sting had lost his voice The Police went to the New Zealand mountains to relax for a few days.

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  • RAM from March 7, 1980 only lists the first three planned New Zealand concerts
  • Rip It Up from February 1980 lists all four concerts - apparently the 2nd Auckland concert was organized when the first one quickly sold out
  • Billboard Australia - March 15, 1980: an ad lists two concerts in Christchurch (for today and 1980-03-01) as well as two Wellington concerts (1980-03-02 and 1980-03-03), but only one Auckland show (1980-03-04)
  • RAM from April 4, 1980 mentions that Sting lost his voice during the 2nd (!) New Zealand gig, 3 more concerts were cancelled
  • Police File No. 2 (from mid-1980) says that there was only one Christchurch gig, mentioning an unspecified number of cancelled concerts for Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland - this magazine mentions that The Police went to the New Zealand mountains for a few days
  • The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles confirms that The Police only played today's concert - and shows yet another list of cancelled concerts for Auckland (1980-03-01 and 1980-03-04) and Wellington on 1980-03-02 and 1980-03-03)

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