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The Police relax in the New Zealand mountains
an ad for this tour in Rip It Up - February 1980
an ad for this tour in Billboard - March 15, 1980
Date: 1980-03-01
Location: New Zealand mountains
Attendees: The Police

The Police's New Zealand tour should have looked like this:

The first Auckland show sold out, so a 2nd concert was organized.

The most probable version of events is that only one New Zealand concert was actually played - at Christchurch Town Hall on 1980-02-29.

Then the "facts" get a bit confusing (check out the References section at the bottom). It's not sure if the band intended to play in Christchurch or Auckland today. Jeff Seitz confirmed that no 2nd concert actually took place. The Police went to the New Zealand mountains to relax for a few days (as Sting had lost his voice).

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  • RAM from March 7, 1980 only lists the first three planned New Zealand concerts
  • Rip It Up from February 1980 lists all four concerts - apparently the 2nd Auckland concert was organized when the first one quickly sold out
  • Billboard Australia - March 15, 1980: an ad lists two concerts in Christchurch (for today and 1980-03-01) as well as two Wellington concerts (1980-03-02 and 1980-03-03), but only one Auckland show (1980-03-04)
  • RAM from April 4, 1980 mentions that Sting lost his voice during the 2nd (!) New Zealand gig, 3 more concerts were cancelled
  • Police File No. 2 (from mid-1980) says that there was only one Christchurch gig, mentioning an unspecified number of cancelled concerts for Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland - this magazine mentions that The Police went to the New Zealand mountains for a few days
  • The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles confirms that The Police only played today's concert - and shows yet another list of cancelled concerts for Auckland (1980-03-01 and 1980-03-04) and Wellington on 1980-03-02 and 1980-03-03)
  • Jeff Seitz
  • Mark Brooks from Christchurch "The Vauxhalls" remembers being booked for two nights, but only playing one

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