1974-1976 Last Exit performances musical gear

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Sting's Last Exit gear
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Artist: Sting
Band or ensemble: Last Exit
Time gear used: 1976


Sting's gear for Last Exit's very first concert in London (Dingwall's, September 1976) was mentioned in an article in Sounds magazine (by Phil Sutcliffe).

Gear breakdown


This bass is a 1962 Fender Jazz Bass, with the finish stripped and clear coated. Sting appears to have used this bass on and off over the complete career of The Police as well.

  • Marshall Super Bassman 100watt amp
  • Fender Dual Showman cabinet

Some photos show that Sting was using what appears to be a Marshall model Super Bass amp, with the accompanying Marshall model 4 x 12 bass cabinet.

Last Exit PA

  • two Carlsbro mini-bins, Carlsbro Marlin 1042


  • H&H TPA 5OD 100 watt Slave amp
  • two White 2x12 cabinets


  • Shure Unidyne 111

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source: Phil Sutcliffe article in Sounds magazine