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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PHOTOGRAPH. Either a photo of the venue, or a photo of a Police or Police-related event which took place at the venue.
Location: London, England, UK - Neal Street 41-43
Capacity: 500 people


The Roxy Club opened in December 1976 and closed in April 1978.

Performance timeline

The following Police, Sting, Andy Summers or Stewart Copeland-related concerts took place at this venue:

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Before the Roxy became THE punk club in London the building was once a warehouse, a drinking club and a gay club.

The venue consisted of a ground floor bar including a seating area and a dance hall in the basement (also with a bar).

In January 1977 the club was open every night except Friday from 8pm until 1am.

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source: Sounds - January 22, 1977