Strontium 90

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Strontium 90
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Background information
Origin: London, England, UK
Years active: 1977
Label(s): Pangaea / Ark 21
Associated acts: The Police
Mike Howlett
Stewart Copeland
Andy Summers

Band history

Mike Howlett formed this band for a special Gong concert in Paris on 1977-05-28 (each member / ex-member of Gong was supposed to play there with his current project). Mike introduced Andy Summers to Stewart Copeland and Sting. They rehearsed and recorded songs at Virtual Earth Studio in London. After the Paris concert they changed their name to The Elevators and played two gigs in London - then going their separate ways.

Band members


Strontium 90 didn't release any records until in 1997 Pangaea / Ark 21 released Strontium 90: Police Academy - a CD with some live tracks from the Paris concert on 1977-05-28 and some studio tracks.

Studio albums

Strontium 90: Police Academy

(a mix of studio and live recordings)

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