Mike Howlett

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Mike Howlett
Basic information
Birth name: Mike Howlett
Birth date: April 27, 1950
Origin: Lautoka, Fiji
Occupation(s): Musician, Producer
Associated acts: Gong, Strontium 90, The Radio Actors
Official website: http://www.springstudio.com.au/

Mike Howlett introduced Andy Summers to Sting and Stewart Copeland. Mike Howlett was supposed to present a band at the Gong event in Paris on 1977-05-28 and rehearsed and recorded songs with them in May 1977. They eventually played the gig as Strontium 90. For two later concerts in London they changed their name to The Elevators.

In early 1978 Mike Howlett recorded the single Nuclear Waste with Sting in a North London studio. This song was written by Harry Williamson - the single was produced to raise money for the antinuclear campaign.


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