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The administrators of PoliceWiki are here to answer user questions and generally maintain the upkeep of the site.

Site owner and maintainer

  • User:Sockii is the primary administrator and site owner.

List of administrators

  • User:DM-Kellie is our head administrator along with User:sockii and is the Queen of Disambiguation and the Slayer of Category Architecture.
  • User:Dietmar is the Keeper of the Timeline and Historical guru.
  • User:Laura is our Wiki-Goddess and our resource for issues regarding MediaWiki software thanks to her extensive wiki work at FanHistory.
  • User:Lkkinetic has conquered the image upload and will template you if you're not careful.
  • User:Schmaff is our Master of Grammar who will properly punctuate all articles into submission.

Responsibilities of the administrators

Administrators are primarily responsible for monitoring edits to the wiki and answering questions from other users. Administrators, for some examples:

  • make sure that articles are not spammed or abusively edited
  • fix broken links
  • categorize and re-categorize articles as necessary
  • monitor any POV or other disputes that may arise

Becoming an administrator

The primary way to obtain administrator status on PoliceWiki is to get involved with editing and making positive contributions to the site, following policy guidelines, and developing or showing at least a basic understanding of wiki markup language. One of the current administrators should take note and may approach you about becoming an administrator -- or you can contact them as well expressing your interest.