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  • Corporate Whore
  • SCNutter
  • Editor Maximus of the Kopelandik Dictionary
  • PoliceWiki Detail Hound


  • Former professional sound engineer, toured for 2 years, did over 700 shows and recorded more than 25 albums
  • Classically trained pianist and still performing
  • Married to an opera singing/rock song writing stud who is my college sweetheart

Favorite Places

  • East Rochester, NY
  • Brigantine, NJ
  • Camp Jaycee, Effort, PA
  • Donna’s Basement

Pet Peeves

  • The people in my office
  • Grammatical inconsistencies

Bucket List

  • Philly reschedule
  • Giving Stewart a big ole’ hug
  • Meeting Moeskido
  • Retiring


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