Message In A Bottle (book)

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Message In A Bottle
Message In A Bottle book.jpg
Author: Sting, Rossetta Woolf, Sharon Burn
Country: UK
Language: English
Publisher: Virgin Books
Publication date: 1981-04-15


This is a children's book based on Sting's lyrics for Message In A Bottle - with illustrations by Rossetta Woolf & Sharon Burn.

Quotations and trivia

Rossetta Woolf & Sharon Burn met with Sting several times - one known occasion was 1981-03-02.

Sting first met the girls when they were sitting at his doorstep for days - occasionally putting their artwork through his letterbox. When they were desperate enough to knock he invited them in and they began to develop the idea of a children's book.

A month later they returned with a rough layout for the book, which Sting took to his publisher.

He met them again at Christmas 1980.


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