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Sting shoots scenes for Artemis 81 in Derby and returns to London / The Police concert in Zwolle, The Netherlands cancelled
an ad for this concert in Joepie - February 15, 1981
Date: 1981-03-02
Location: Nottingham / Derby / London – England, UK
Attendees: Sting

Sting woke up very early before the restaurant had opened. He had breakfast at 7:30. Went to make-up at 8 am, then to wardrobe. Then the film team went to a place near the Pennines just outside Derby in a bus. Sting only filmed on this day and did the rest in April! Shooting ended at 5 pm and Sting went back to London, where he arrived at 8 pm. At his home he met the two girls who he was doing the children's book " Message In A Bottle" with (Rossetta Woolf & Sharon Burn). After they left he watched ROCKSTAGE on TV which sent him to sleep...

This detailed Flexipop information contradicts with a press photo of Sting and Hywel Bennett - that suggests that the first day of filming was yesterday...

The Police originally planned to do a concert in IJsselhal in Zwolle, The Netherlands - but this was cancelled because the band was "exhausted".

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source: Flexipop 05.1981; Joepie - February 15, 1981

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