Bombay chronology problems

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According to Jeff Seitz and considering the travelling issues (flying from Sydney to Bombay) The Police arrived in Bombay late on March 24 - with probably no sightseeing or filming activities on that day...

so what exactly happened on March 25 and what on March 26 ?

Costume photo shoot and sword fight

According to an Evening News report from March 31 the sword fight where Anne Nightingale was injured happened on an "early morning"

here's Sting and Stewart with Anne and journalists

1980 03 costume 01.jpeg 1980 03 costume 02.jpg

and here's The Police in (almost) full costumes Sting wears the same clothes underneath as in the pictures above - Stewart seems to wear a black STEEL PULSE shirt that can also be seen in one of the image above, Andy wears his usual Hawaiian outfit

1980 03 costume 03.jpg 1980 03 costume 04.jpg 1980 03 costume 05.jpg

HMV and instruments

March 25 - should have been THE day for most of the sightseeing

Ravi Burman told me about the HMV get-together and the Instruments Shop

this is from HMV

1980 03 25 HMV Ravi Burman.jpg

are these from HMV, too ?? and from the instruments shop ?? one of my first problems is that Sting and Andy only wear white shirts and not the sweater / Hawaiian shirt respectively

the costume photo shoot had Andy wearing a white trouser, whereas here he's wearing a dark one...

1980 03 record shop 01.jpg 1980 03 record shop 02.jpg 1980 03 instruments shop 01.jpg 1980 03 instruments shop 02.jpg

I think that these screenshots might be at their hotel later that day... Andy's wearing the Hawaii shirt again :(

1980 03 jam 01.jpg 1980 03 jam 02.jpg 1980 03 jam 03.jpg

March 26

According to a report by Allan Jones the mongoose / snake fight was on the day of the concert, so that these photos (with Sting wearing his pool billard shirt) are probably, too

Jeff Seitz remembers that he participated in the sightseeing day - and the Time and Talents meeting - but was at the venue all day on March 26 --- so this is another contradiction

1980 03 mongoose snake day 01.jpg 1980 03 mongoose snake day 02.jpg 1980 03 mongoose snake day 03.jpg

the band wears the same clothes visiting the Time and Talents club later

later that evening at soundcheck or thereabouts - another clothes change

1980 03 soundcheck 01.jpg 1980 03 soundcheck 02.jpg 1980 03 soundcheck 03jpg.jpeg

March 27

next day - Sting and Andy flew to Cairo ---- how many Hawaii shirts did Andy have - just one ??? must have smelled quite a bit...

1980 03 to Cairo.jpg


now even if they took off sweaters and shirts because of the heat where exactly do these fit in ??? Sting wears his white shirt (as on the instruments shop photos - where Andy can be seen wearing a black trouser !!) and here outside Andy wears white trousers (as on the Mongoose / concert day)

1980 03 WTF.jpg 1980 03 WTF2.jpg