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1989 10 10 Stewart Dave Cackowski.jpg
a photo from the opening reception following the premiere - copyright Dave Cackowski
Holy blood booklet.jpg
a promotional booklet for this opera
Performance summary
Artist performing: Stewart Copeland
Tour: Tour name
Venue: State Theatre
Location: Cleveland, OH, USA
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1989-10-10, Stewart Copeland performed at the State Theatre in Cleveland, OH, USA.


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Today was the premiere of Stewart Copeland's opera Holy Blood and Crescent Moon. The opera would be performed in Cleveland until October 15 by two alternate casts. Stewart had spent the two weeks before the premiere to promote the opera around Cleveland + rehearsing the opera.

Also around during the pre-production were Stewart's fellow band members from Curved Air, Sonja Kristina (his wife at the time) and violinist Darryl Way who was assisting Stewart with the orchestrations.

During the opening night performance Stewart Copeland actually was part of one of the scenes leading the Muslim army raid on the Christian castle. In that scene performer Gary Davis was one of the Christian knights and got kicked by Stewart as he stormed the castle. Stewart did not reprise that role during the Cleveland Opera run.

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source: NY Times - October 12, 1989; Scene - October 5-11, 1989; Gary Davis; Dave Cackowski

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