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Stewart probably arrived in Dallas
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Date: 1986-09-12
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Attendees: Stewart Copeland

Today Stewart Copeland probably arrived in Dallas, TX, USA.

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source: this info is a mix of memories by Redbeard, Tony Mills and Brian Welker - on 1986-09-14 Richard Simmons was murdered in the parking lot of the Stoneleigh P restaurant right across the Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas - with a polo match / charity to follow "the next day"... that murder probably happened in the early morning hours after a reception on 1986-09-13 that Stewart attended (at the Stoneleigh Hotel). The probable order of events is Stewart coming to Dallas on Friday (1986-09-12), the reception on Saturday (1986-09-13) with the polo match / charity event on Sunday (1986-09-14), before Stewart probably left on Monday

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