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  • Outlandos newsletter February 1986 mentions that Stewart's son Scott Luke was born on January 28 - and mentions Stewart's comment when "heard" of his size - so was he there at all?
  • between February 25 and April 7 - Sting and his family were on a vacation on Montserrat - Outlandos newsletter from February 1986 calls it a "short vacation"
  • Sting interview in "Have A Good Trip" (Netflix): going to Mexico in ‘86, on a trip up a mountain for an organised trip with deers blood poured on me... ----maybe that was around this Montserrat vacation
  • US - May 19, 1986 - mentions a New York dinner at Texarkana restaurant with Tom Brokaw announcing the June tour... nothing about STing (report in New York Times on April 3, 1986)

---> but TWO DAYS LATER Sting turned up at a press conference for "American Bride" - with Harvey Keitel and Trudie Styler --- not mentioning if that was in New York... (photo with all)

  • CBS Morning News showed bits from the exhibition and some bits from Devo Studios on April 30, 1986 (Wind-Up magazine interview says "next Wednesday", so that the interview at Devo Studios must have been April 23 or a bit later) / * He's at Devo Studios around April 1986 laying the foundation for XYZ, the Fiona Whitney Gallery opening was "last week" and "next Wednesday" there were 5 minutes about Andy's photography (Wind-Up Magazine June 1987)

all in all working on XYZ was about six months --- April - September 1986 - moving to London for six weeks for The Police recording as the big break, plus 3 weeks vacation

  • In early July Andy went to the photo exhibition Rencontres d’Arles in Arles, France
  • The Police rehearsed for a week in Los Angeles before they played their three Amnesty International shows

(all three facts from Rock & Folk 1986)

  • People magazine (November 3, 1986) features an interview with Kathleen Turner on phone from Italy - this took place while "Peggy Sue Got Married" premiered in the USA (October 5 / 7). It's mentioned that she already was in Italy for 12 weeks for Julia And Julia.
  • at the beginning of September Sting was expected at the Teatro Sistina in Rome for the Bring On The Night premiere -- clipping and internet
  • Jill Furmanovsky: By the time The Police Greatest Hits was conceived, it was impossible to arrange to have the band together in one place. I shot the portrait of Andy Summers in my studio in New York, Stewart was photographed at his country house in the English countryside. I was finally called to photograph Sting at his Hampstead home. He was pumped from working out in his gym in the basement and looked great, confident and at ease in his physicality. Every shot was amazing.

  • Outlandos newsletter from December says that Sting visited his home in London in November before returning to Los Angeles to be with Trudie and the children...
  • same source for Andy residing in London for a while after his recent return from America

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