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Sting sings his part for the Band Aid project
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Date: 1984-11-24
Location: London, England, UK - Midge Ure's home studio
Attendees: Sting, Midge Ure

Sting sings his part for "Do They Know It's Christmas?" at Midge Ure's home studio in London, England, UK.

Midge Ure explains that he invited a couple of singers to do their parts "the day before" / "a couple of days before" the official Band Aid recording on 1984-11-25. Sting was probably the first singer who added vocals to the original Midge Ure demo.

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source: internet videos - see external links; 1985-06 GQ mentions Sting was in the studio the night before the official Band Aid recording, doing the harmonies

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