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  • Andy and Robert Fripp together for a few days in January to develop ideas (AM& press sheet for Sept. release
  • Sting relaxed for a few days after the Harty show and then went ski-ing immediately after the tour ended - back in London on January 7, 1984 - Outlandos Fan Club mini-bulletin from January 1984 (probably March 8-ca. 13)
  • After the Outlandos newsletter March 1984 was written and printed (mid-March) Sting had a sinus operation in a London hospital (June newsletter) and spent almost a week in bandages. Once he was alright he took his kids Joe, Kate and Micki and his own own mother to a vacation on Montserrat. Trudie Styler was busy filming, so she followed later. (Outlandos mini-bulletin April 1984) -- so that operation maybe was around March 16 / 17 / 18 / recovery until about March 25 - then off to their vacation

-> photo with Clapton, Collins, Stephen Bishop on Montserrat probably late March or April 1984 - C + C there for Clapton's "Behind The Sun"

  • Andy arrived in London in the 2nd week of March (which does NOT give him a week of vacation, but anyway), then spends a few days in London, visits Outlandos and heads to Bournemouth to begin work on the 2nd Robert Fripp collaboration (Outlandos newsletter March 1984 - written in mid-March)
  • April newsletter probably written around April 16 (three sunny days in London are mentioned) : Andy was still in Bournemouth a few days ago
  • Stewart flew from Australia to Fiji, then to Tahiti, then to California, then to Montego Bay on Jamaica, arriving in London in early April (Outlandos mini-bulletin April 1984)
  • Andy flew to America at the end of May 1984 for various meetings - spending a week or two at Miles' house in Hollywood (Outlandos newsletter June 1984)
  • May / early June: Sting is writing and all over the place in London, but also visited friends from his early jazz band in Newcastle (June newsletter)
  • June 11, 12, 16 : On June 11, 12 and 16th 1984 Sting and William Orbit recorded a version of If You Love Somebody Set Them Free at Utopia Studios and at William's own Guerilla Studios at Little Venice, London. This track was released on the 12" of If You Love Somebody Set Them Free in 06-1985.

Sting delivered a few demos to the pop trio Torch Song for them to produce. Guitarist Grant Gilbert: "Sting was great. He just left us his home demos and said to call him when it's time to do the vocals" (The Sun; 14-08-1984).


Don't know where I got the dates (11+12+16-06-1984) from... (Rogier van der Gugten)

  • a newspaper clipping which might be from May 25, 1984 mentions that Sting was rushed to a hospital with an injured foot after bumping into a rusty pipe, anti-tetanus + five stitches
  • Police Confidential features a photo of Sting and dog in a Newcastle studio - also Hampstead Heath fair photos (should be mid-June)
  • Andy met Branford Marsalis at a CBS party for Miles Davis' Decoy album (Montreal Gazette - Sept. 12, 1985) -> record released in June 1984
  • in late June Sting shot scenes for The Bride in France
  • in late summer Sting was in London (at least for a Vic Garbarini visit - Musician July 1985)
  • Andy Summers spent many weeks of the summer in America - New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii - a mix of holidays and business. After returning to London for a short while he took his daughter Layla to Italy for a week - before her school term starting in September. (Outlandos newsletter September 1984)
  • Andy and Robert filmed a video at Holloway Sanitarium in London (for Parade song) with Gene October as a junkie - one week later they'll do an interview with Vic Garbarini (this released as an A&M promo LP) - Fripp has then to leave for Washington, Andy will go to LA tomorrow (Friday?) or Saturday, so the Garbarini int. probably was on a Thursday --- they're saying Police live album in December and more hints about Jan / Feb, (Outlanods newsletter from September 1984 mentions this video production, so that it probably took place in AUGUST)
  • Stewart quotes in The Sun - September 12, 1984: haven't spoken to Sting for six months... longest time ever ... Andy just cracked, though. He rang me to ask if he could come round for a jam...
  • further scenes for The Bride were probably shot in England in September / October
  • Sting filmed Plenty right afterwards - known days are October 17 and 18 !! maybe November / early December - NY Times Magazine from December 9, 1984 mentions that Sting's last scene at Elstree Studios was the one where Meryl Streep shot him - she asks him about his baby's age - which is said to be 10 months (born on January 19, 1984) - it's also said that The Police have not played together for 10 months --- hmmm...
  • Andy spent 3 weeks in Portugal writing screenplay and score for an adventure film called "The Chord" with Marc Abrahams (Outlandos newsletter December 1984)
  • in mid-November Sting went skiing in St. Moritz (as mentioned on Breakfast TV on December 7 = 3 weeks ago...)
  • in a Daily Mail interview Trudie Styler mentioned that she was in Venice (Italy) with Sting in December 1984 / facebook 2020: six hour train journey from Lausanne to Venice in the Orient Express (but a shabby version of that train)
  • in late 1984 Stewart was working on The Rhythmatist score - probably at his own studio (Outlandos newsletter December 1984)
  • also in December 1984 Joe Walsh was touring in Australia with "The Party Boys" - after one of several Adelaide gigs he invited bass player / singer Paul Christie to his hotel room. Joe Walsh was then on the phone with an American drummer, none other than Stewart Copeland. There were plans that SC and Steve Winwood would join The Party Boys (a supergroup with always changing line-ups)
  • Sting on TOTP with Band Aid - aired Dec. 25 (BBC), but recorded earlier - clues: without Bono (US tour with U2 from Dec. 1 until Dec. 16) and Wham! (UK tour from at least Dec. 12-20), but with Paul Young, Paul Weller, Culture Club, Heaven 17, Status Quo, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Phil Collins, Bananarama, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Slade, Thompson Twins, Nik Kershaw, Bronski Beat

prob. recorded on three separate shows (TOTP book) - Sting only seen with Slade, Thompson Twins, Bronski Beat, Nik Kershaw

    • Dec. 12 - Nik Kershaw gig in Aberdeen
    • Dec. 13 - Nik Kershaw in Edinburgh
    • Dec. 16 - Nik Kershaw in Newcastle
    • Dec. 17 - Nik Kershaw in Leicester
    • Dec. 18 - Nik Kershaw in Bournemouth
    • Dec. 19 Sting off to Montserrat

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