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Andy and Robert Fripp start recording "Bewitched"
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Date: 1984-03-19
Location: Bournemouth, England, UK
Attendees: Andy Summers, Robert Fripp

Andy Summers and Robert Fripp start working on their second LP Bewitched.

According to Outlandos newsletter from mid-March Andy had been back in London by the 2nd week (?) or March and then spent a few days in London before heading to Bournemouth.

In the March 1984 issue of New Zealand's "Rip It Up" magazine Andy is quoted with "We meet on March 19 to do the album". This perfectly fits with information from later magazines.

In 1984 magazines Andy Summers mentions that he only recorded with Robert Fripp for 10 days, because Robert had to prepare and leave for a King Crimson tour (which started on April 18). Andy finished finished the record with other musicians.

So they probably both recorded from today until 1984-03-30; after that Andy added a week or two to finish the album.

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source: Rip It Up - March 1984; Outlandos newsletter April 1984; various magazines

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