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1984 02 29 ticket flyer.jpg 1984 02 29 flyer.jpg
flyers for this concert - the left one to order tickets was provided by Norbert Diedrich
1984 02 29 poster LuigiAmati.jpg
a poster for this concert - provided by Luigi Amati
1984 02 29 pass Carlo Bolchini.jpg
a guest pass for this concert - provided by Carlo Bolchini
1984 02 29 ticket.jpg 1984 02 29 ticket Norbert Diedrich.jpg
ticket stubs for this concert - larger one provided by Norbert Diedrich
1984 03 Rip It Up ad Dietmar.jpg
an ad for concert souvenirs in "Rip It Up" - March 1984
1984 02 29 shirt 01 Carlo Bolchini.jpg
1984 02 29 shirt 02 Carlo Bolchini.jpg
a t-shirt from this concert - provided by Carlo Bolchini
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1983-1984 Synchronicity Tour
Venue: Western Springs Stadium
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Support acts: The Australian Crawl, Bryan Adams, Coconut Rough
Ticket prices: NZ$ 18,50 - 21,00

On 1984-02-29, The Police performed at Western Springs Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert.


In the morning Andy and Sting were interviewed by a TV crew at their hotel.

Sting went to the beach with Bryan Adams and his drummer Jim Vallance. Sting accepted an offer to "para-sail" (parachuting being towed by a boat). Sting was forced to remain airborne for more than an hour due to strong winds...

Stewart played polo that day - Andy used a katamaran.

There were about 40.000 people in the audience.

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sources: tickets; poster; RAM - March 30, 1984; Jim Vallance homepage, Shazam TV report

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