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1983 12 20 photo.jpg
a photo from this concert - copyright Sandy Lopez
1983 12 20 pass.jpg
a staff pass for this concert - provided by Passionate Friends' Malky McNeill
1983 12 20 ticket.jpg
a ticket for this concert
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1983-1984 Synchronicity Tour
Venue: National Exhibition Centre
Location: Birmingham, England, UK
Support acts: Passionate Friends
Ticket prices: 7,50 UK pounds

On 1983-12-20, The Police performed at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England, UK.


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert.


Sting and the roadies played “Ghost Riders in the Sky” at the soundcheck. Stewart Copeland turned up later and drove right into the loading area at the back of the stage in a large American car.

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sources: ticket; Outlandos newsletter - December 1983; Passionate Friends website

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