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Andy's photo exhibition in London
a photo from today - copyright Sandy Lopez
a photo from today - copyright Sandy Lopez
Hamiltons flyer - provided by Sandy Lopez
Hamiltons flyer (inner pages) - provided by Sandy Lopez
Date: 1983-12-07
Location: London, England, UK
Attendees: Andy Summers

Andy Summers opens his photo exhibition at the Hamiltons Gallery. The exhibition ran from 8th December to 23rd December.

The Police taped a King Of Pain video in costumes for Kenny Everett's Christmas TV show on BBC1. The Outlandos newsletter from December 1983 mentions that the show was taped this afternoon. "The Sun" (December 9) mentions that this took place "yesterday" (on 1983-12-08). But as the band played a concert in Scotland the Outlandos information seems more accurate...

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sources: Outlandos newsletter - December 1983 (TV show), Outlandos mini-bulletin January 1984 (exhibition), Avantgarde November 1983, Sandy Lopez photos

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