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a ticket for this concert
1983 09 01 The Province review.jpg 1983 08 31 review.jpg
reviews of this concert in The Province (September 1, 1983) / Vancouver Sun (unknown date)
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1983-1984 Synchronicity Tour
Venue: Pacific Coliseum
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Support acts: Thompson Twins
Ticket prices: C$ 18,25

On 1983-08-31, The Police performed at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Recording information

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There were 16,611 people in the audience - sold out. Other sources say 16.357 people - sold out.

The Police started their concert at 8:50pm.

At 10:05pm the band ran off stage for their tea-break which was shown on the video screens. Sting took off his shirt, the band put on huge top hats, drank tea, cut cake, then trashed the cake and stuck a flower and a beer bottle in it. When Sting tried to whip the table cloth off the cake fell to the floor.

At 10:09pm The Police came back on stage.

At 10:25. they played their last encore Can't Stand Losing You after which the lights came up at 10:37pm.

The band stayed at the Westin Bayshore Inn.

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sources: ticket, Vancouver Sun review, unofficial Thompson Twins website, Kim Turner's itinerary

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