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1983 08 21 guitar plectrum.jpg
a used guitar pick from this concert - Andy threw it into the audience when it was damaged
1983 08 21 ticket Dietmar.jpg
a ticket for this concert
1983 08 20 rescheduledticket.jpg
a ticket for this concert (with the original date on it)
1983 08 21 all access pass Anthony Eaton.jpg
an all access pass for this concert - provided by Anthony Eaton
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1983-1984 Synchronicity Tour
Venue: Capital Centre
Location: Landover, MD, USA
Support acts: R.E.M.
Ticket prices: US$ 13,50

On 1983-08-21, The Police performed at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD, USA.


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert. It ends with Can't Stand Losing You (cut at the end).


There were 18.000 people in the audience.

There's a ticket for the concert at the Capital Centre for Saturday, August 20. It seems that the Philadelphia concert was arranged at a later point, so The Police played at the Capital Centre today and on 1983-08-22.

These concerts are also listed as Largo, MD or Washington, DC... The venue was actually in Largo, Landover, Maryland - which is a suburb of Washington, DC. Yet Largo is only a small part of the town Landover.

The Police stayed at their mansion on Long Island.

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source: tickets, review in the Washington Post, R.E.M. website, Kim Turner's itinerary, the pick was caught by Philipp Weckmüller

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