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1983 08 02 The Police Christina Belding.jpg
a photo from before the concert - copyright Christina Belding
1983 08 02 The Police Dietmar.jpg
a photo from this concert - copyright Dietmar
1983 08 02 pass Suzanne Paradis.jpg
an All Access pass for this concert - provided by Suzanne Paradis
1983 08 02 ticket Christina Belding.jpg
a complimentary ticket for this concert - provided by Christina Belding
1983 08 02 The Police shirt Dietmar front.jpg 1983 08 02 The Police shirt Dietmar back.jpg
a shirt from this concert
1983 08 02 VHS 01.jpg 1983 08 02 VHS 02.jpg
the two remaining NTSC VHS master tapes
1983 08 02 Safety Master.jpg
the 2" Master Video Tape
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1983-1984 Synchronicity Tour
Venue: Le Spectrum
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Support acts: Blue Peter
Ticket prices: radio competition only

On 1983-08-02, The Police performed at Le Spectrum in Montreal, QC, Canada.


Recording information

There's a great recording of this concert. An edited version of this concert was broadcast on TV as The Synchronicity Concert: The Police Live At Le Spectrum.

Video tracklist:


Montreal's CHOM-FM radio station had purchased all tickets to this concert and started to distribute them at radio competitions starting on July 28, 1983. Winners had to sign tickets when claiming them and then again at Le Spectrum's box office, so that no scalpers had the chance to make any profit. Minutes before the show Miles Copeland opened the doors of the venue to another 100 fans who were waiting outside, so that eventually about 800 people watched this special performance.

Before the concert The Police had a meal in a restaurant close to the venue.

The Police played a different version of Demolition Man, like with most of the early shows on this tour.

Sting completely messed up the bass line of De Do Do Do De Da Da Da during the first verse of the song.

Invisible Sun had Sting sing a few lines of Wouldn't It Be Loverly from "My Fair Lady" towards the end of the song. The band then left the stage with Sting saying "We are going for a tea break, we will see you in 5...10 minutes, bye-bye"

The band came back on stage for One World (Not Three) with Sting's voice giving way at the first accapella line where he sings "One world is enough, for all of us", at the begining of the song.

King Of Pain on the second Universal In-House time-coded VHS Master Tape, does not feature the recorded Sting vocal of "There's a little black spot on the sun today". It is completely silent, with just the music backing track playing, only up to the point where Sting sings "...sun today....what?" On the PayTV broadcast, it has been cleverly added in!

Roxanne is actually played before the last song So Lonely.

Only 2 single camera angle reels (Rushes) exist of this concert, in Universal Music Groups US Library. The 2" Master Video Tape, is signed off as missing. However the 2" Master Video Tape (from the studio Godley & Creme were working at) survives, along with 2 Universal In-House time-coded VHS Master Tapes. The first VHS tape - Synchronicity I to Invisible Sun is Sting & Stewart's camera angle from the right side of the stage. The second VHS tape - One World (Not Three) to So Lonely is Sting head on and occasionally zooms out to see all 3 members of the band head on.

It also worth mentioning that Demolition Man, O My God, Murder By Numbers and Tea In The Sahara would make up the bonus Montreal footage on the Synchronicity Concert DVD, but sadly the rushes of these tracks (from the 2 single camera angle reels) were rejected by Sting's management and were removed before going to press. However, the backstage tea party (which was a single camera angle which followed the band backstage) remained on the commercial DVD release.

Photos from this concert appear in The Police Chronicles.

The Police stayed at Le Parc Regent. In Kim Turner's itinerary this hotel is also mentioned for the past two days off, but it can only be guessed that the band actually spent their time in Montreal.

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