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The Police sightseeing / filming in Bombay
a photo from HMV record store - copyright Ravi Burman
Date: 1980-03-25
Location: Bombay, India
Attendees: The Police, film crew, Anne Nightingale, John Blake

In the morning The Police were photographed and filmed wearing Indian costumes and practising with swords. Sting managed to injure Anne Nightingale with one.

The band spent the day sightseeing and filming in Bombay, India.

Sting and Andy Summers visited HMV's music showroom (where Ravi Burman had arranged a get-together) and then went to an Indian Classical Instruments shop. It looks like they bought or rented a Sitar and a Tabla, because later in the day they were filmed performing a song that sounds like the Indian version of Walking On The Moon - probably at their hotel.

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source: Ravi Burman (about HMV and the instruments shop); Police File No. 2 shows a photo with Sting and Andy playing instruments - it's not the scene from Around The World and was probably taken at the instruments shop, Chase The Fade; Evening News - March 31, 1980 (mentioning that the costume photo shoot was early morning)

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