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The Police in Tokyo - day off
ad in Billboard - February 16, 1980
Date: 1980-02-16
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Attendees: The Police
  • 09:00am Stewart Copeland & Andy Summers get up, finish their breakfast in 30 min
  • 10:00am they arrive at the camera shop in Shinjuku (the 3rd time)
  • 11:00am they visit the office of Alfa-Record - Sting is not up yet
  • 11:42am Andy and Stewart are still looking around at the recording studio
  • 01:42pm at Shinko-Gakufo, they arrive at the publishing company, then go out for lunch. Sting joins them at last (this was probably at MUSIC LIFE magazine - receiving the "The brightest hope '79" prize)
  • 01:59pm Andy fights with chopsticks. Sting listens to YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) on his walkman
  • 02:15pm at Shinko-Gakufo - they return to the office of the publishing company, they receive the souvenir "Happi" (=japanese coat for festivals)
  • 02:41pm leaving the office, to Ginza
  • 03:01pm The International Arcade - it's Andy's wish to come here, they buy presents
  • 03:42pm at the Pedestrian Precinct, Ginza, they are surrounded by fans
  • 03:52pm they see someone wearing a mask, find it funny, buy masks and wear them
  • 04:25pm finally at a men's wear shop. Sting choosing, choosing......but not buying anything.
  • 05:00pm back at the car
  • 07:00pm back at the hotel, having a rest
  • later they go to a restaurant in Roppongi

Today's Billboard magazine printed a beautiful 2 page A&M ad celebrating The Police 's worldwide success.

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source: photos, Japanese article, Billboard ad, The Police (fanzine) no. 4

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