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The Police arrive in Tokyo
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Date: 1980-02-12
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Attendees: The Police

03:30pm Narita airport - The Police arrive with PAN-AM 831 from Hawaii

04:00pm 1st interview on arrival by TV Chiba (Kimura)

06:00 - 07:00pm arrival and check-in in at the hotel Keio Plaza

07:00 - 09:00pm radio interview + more interviews - Stewart Copeland leaves after 30 min. as it's "boring"

at night they eat at a Japanese restaurant in Roppongi (Serina) where they meet members of Fleetwood Mac and are invited to their show the next day

they will stay in Tokyo after each gig - they will do 35 interviews until they leave - mostly at the restaurant in their hotel

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sources: Japanese magazine, Japanese book June 1980, promoter's timetable

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