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1979 02 09 Luke James Fashion.jpg
a photo of Fàshiön's Luke James (with The Police posters and drums in the back) - copyright Luke James
1979 02 09 melodymakerad.jpg
ad for the Kings College gig in Melody Maker - Februar 10, 1979
1979 02 09 ad.jpg
ad for the Kings College gig
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1978-1979 Outlandos d'Amour Tour
Venue: Kings College
Location: London, England, UK
Support acts: Resistance, Fàshiön
Ticket prices: UK pounds: 1,00 - 1,25

On 1979-02-09, The Police performed at Kings College in London, England, UK.


Record Mirror February 17, 1979: Peanuts, Hole In My Life

SOUNDS February 24, 1979: "They gave us the album, minus 'Masoko Tanga' and plus 'Fall Out' and one new song, the title of which was drowned in applause."

Recording information

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The Police returned from Germany in the morning

The concert was reviewed in Record Mirror February 17, 1979 and Sounds February 24, 1979.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary, UK ads, review, Stairway To Nowhere p. 49

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