Stairway To Nowhere

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Stairway To Nowhere
Stairway To Nowhere book cover
Author: Luke James
Country: USA
Language: English
Publisher: Brummie Git Press
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-615-35067-7


Luke James was the singer and guitarist of the band Fàshiön from Birmingham. In 1979 they supported The Police a lot.

His book "Stairway To Nowhere" is an interesting read - not only if you like The Police. On its 240 pages Luke tells the story of how Fàshiön did NOT make it - so that book title is sheer genius. All the trouble one goes to: write songs, rehearse, haul your gear, drive long distances, get a contract, support other bands, being disliked (or not) by indifferent audiences... it's all here (Dietmar: I could live without the repetitive stories about drugs and / or groupies, but that might just be me). There's lots of atmosphere in the book - as Fàshiön were around in all those places you remember, and met (and played) with all those musicians you know by heart - like Duran Duran, U2, The Ramones, ...

The Police are featured prominently in the book, as Fàshiön supported them so often. You get the idea of what it felt being a support band for The Police.

For a while Fàshiön's career looked promising, but The Police's success meant that all of Miles Copeland 's energy (and money) went into promoting The Police further - not that good a deal for other bands which were contracted to Miles's company.

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